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Eenadu Pellipandiri matrimony supplement for more than a decade has helped thousands of prospective brides and grooms...

Telugu Matrimonial Service from Eenadu : is an exclusive matrimony services website providing services in Telugu matrimonial space. Within Indian matrimonial websites is specially launched for Telugu speaking community across the world in the area of Telugu Matrimonials India. Few services on is offered free making it one of the free (Indian) matrimonials website for Telugu speaking community. The legacy of pellipandiri in Eenadu Newspaper has helped to leverage and extend to online matrimonial website.

How do I register/ create profile and become a member?
To register as a member you need to click on "Register for Free" in the Home page.
At the time of registering, members need to furnish their mandatory details under some categories covering information on,

  • Basic Information
  • Socio - Religious background
  • Life - Style
  • Educational & Professional Information
  • Location Information
  • Contact Information
  • Family Details
  • Partner Preferences

How do I create my profile?
Creating a profile in is simple and easy. To register with us:

  • Click the link register for free.
  • A form to add your profile will be displayed. Fill up the form and submit.
  • Give all the details (necessary as well as optional) in full. This will increase the chances your profile being displayed during search.
  • After you submit the necessary details, you will be given a "Profile ID" for all future references.
    Your profile will then be validated and stored in a database. It might take up to 24 hours to validate an account. We will notify you with an e-mail as soon as your profile has been activated.

What are the DOs and DON'Ts while creating a profile.
Dos and DON'Ts
While filling up the registration form, try to give as many details of your life like:

  • Your personality (your likes, dislikes and the kind of person that you are).
  • Your educational and professional details. This may also include your achievements.
  • Your family (like number of family members, family values, etc.)
  • Your career plans
  • Add a recent photograph to improve your chances of getting responses.
  • Your expectations from your partner.
  • Keep your descriptions short and sweet. There is no need to get into the minutest details of things.
  • Do not display your contact details anywhere in your profile except in the space provided for it.
  • Do not include vulgar or racist content.
  • Non compliance to the term of use may result in your profile being rejected.

Can I register for my friend, sibling or relative? Yes, you can. allows to create profiles for friends and siblings. has a large number of profiles registered by parents, siblings, friends or relatives.

What information from my profile will be displayed to other members? Free members will be able to view all your details except your email address and contact details. Paid members will be able to view all the details including your contact details, provided the opposite member should opt for "Yes, I wish to display on Profile" option at the time of Registration. However, your Contact Adress will not be displayed to any member. It will only be used by to get in touch with you.

How should I write my profile description? Your profile should reveal about you your personality, likes and dislikes, your interests, your academic and professional interests and what you look for in your partner. Be precise and to the point while giving descriptions. Here's a sample profile provided to help you build a simple and precise profile.

I am a pleasing, fun-loving person. I have done Civil Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. I am working as the Chief Engineer in a private firm for the last two years. I like trekking, reading and traveling. 

Ours is a liberal family. Father is a retired doctor from Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Andhra Pradesh and mother is a simple, loving housewife. I have one brother and a sister, both are elder to me. Sister is married and settled in the US. Brother works for a multinational company in Bangalore.

My ideal match will be intelligent, loving and open-minded. I believe understanding and commitment are the roots of any successful relationship.

Can I hide my profile?
You may sometimes want to take a break from your profile search. For that purpose you may want to hide your profile temporarily. provides the members to hide their profiles from others view. 

To do so:

  • Login with your Profile ID/Email ID and password
  • Under the Members section select Delete/Hide your Profile option
  • In the Hide/Delete profile page click 'hide your profile' option
    Now, your profile is hidden from other members. But, you can still view other members profiles.
Note: To unhide your profile, follow the above process and click 'unhide your profile' option.

How can I get my profile hightlighted in the search results?
Only "Kalyana Thilakam" package members can be highlighted with some special mark in different Color in the search results page

Who can get Mobile Alerts?
Anyone who is a member of can avail of this service.

How do I search for profiles?
Members can search profiles using keywords such as, Profile ID, Community, Country, State City, Mother Tongue, Profession, Photo, Video, Star, and Raasi.

The following are the different search options:
Basic/Quick search: This feature allows members to search matches based on age/religion/caste etc.

Advanced Search: With advanced search, you can search profile with your specific preferences like caste, education, residence status, profession, etc.

Search by Community: Members also have the option to search profiles by community. On clicking the 'Search by community' option, you will be prompted to specify the community and caste of the profile you are looking for.

Search by Country:Members can also search profiles from a particular country.

Search by State: Members can also search profiles from a particular state. On clicking the option, members are prompted to specify their country and state from a drop-down menu.

Search by City: This feature allows members to restrict their profile search within a particular city.

Search by Mother tongue: This feature is to help members find their ideal profiles who speak the same language as theirs. With this feature, members can look for profiles having the same mother tongue.
Search by profession: Looking for a profile that matches your profession? This feature will help you do the same. Members can search profiles based on qualification and occupation.

Photo search: This feature enables members to search profiles with photos. Conducting a photo search will display profiles that have photos uploaded in their profile.

Video search: This feature enables members to search profiles with videos. Conducting a video search will display profiles that have videos uploaded in their profile.

Star and rasi search: Members can even search profiles based on Star or Rasi. This feature requires members to specify the star and raasi of their ideal match. Matching profiles will then be displayed on the screen. 

Search by Profile ID: This feature allows you to search specific members if you know their Profile ID.
Members Online Search: Members Online search allow you to search members who are currently online.

How do I add a photo to my profile?
Adding a photo will increase the chances of your profile getting noticed by other members. Moreover, your photograph could be the first step to get into the prospective profile's world. To add a photo to your profile:

  • Login with your "Profile ID" and "Password".
  • Click the "Add Photo" link under the space provided for your photo.
  • Click the browse button to upload a digital photo to your profile.
  • Click the "upload photo"  button. 

Note: You can add a maximum of four(4) photos to your profile.

Can I add horoscope to my profile?
Yes. members can add their horoscope to their profiles for free.

How do I add a horoscope to my profile?
Adding a horoscope will help prospective members to compare their horoscopes. Members can upload horoscope to their profile. To do so:
  • Login with your "Profile ID / E-mail ID" and "Password"
  • In 'My profile' page you can find 'Horoscope' option under My photo/Horoscope/Videos subhead
  • Click the Horoscope option to reach 'My Horoscope' page.
  • In 'My Horoscope' page you can click 'Add Horoscope' option to add your horoscope.

What are the types of membership?
Members can either be free member or paid member based on their need for certain preferences of access.

What is the difference between free membership and paid membership?
To know the difference between free membership and paid membership and its features, plz click on "Membership" link on the top menu buttons.

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